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14 February 2021


Survived 2020, the year of catastrophic bush fires, floods, storms and the global COVID-19 pandemic. The virus is still with us but under control in NSW. Following planetary photography all through October, the C14 was reconfigured to HyperStar f/1.9 setup and regular NEO follow up resumed. There wasn’t much action however for two reasons.  It was a cool start to the summer due the El Nina this year resulting in mostly cloudy skies and rain. The garden loves it and there is no danger of bushfires, thank God and the El Nina. The other reason was the gradually reduction in the number of reachable targets candidates. The great majority of the NEO candidates on the NEOCP page are now fainter than 20V magnitude so unreachable to the C14.  The resulting MPECs  were 1 for November, 3 for December,  4 for January and 4 so far for February.