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SBIG ST8300M TEC cooled to about 30 degrees below ambient temperature. The Kodak KAF8300 CCD chip has 6 megapixels of size 5.4x5.4µm, with 2x2 and 3x3 pixel binning available.

Main observatory camera. Used for asteroid astrometry and general photometry of variable stars and asteroids.

SBIG SG4 standalone auto-guide camera. Shown on Sky Watcher 6” Newtonian guide scope. The system is capable of guiding on magnitude 11 stars with an accuracy of ~ 1”.  The SG4 is able to select a guide star automatically on a push button command and start guiding. .  To enable automated remote operation, hardware modifications were added to the SG4 to read the status of LEDs and to initiate/stop autoguiding remotely

GSTAR-EX integrating monochrome video camera.

Originally used for astrometry and planetary imaging.  Now reserved for timing fast astronomical events such as occultations.

Philips ToUcam 840K Web Camera.  Original classic used for planetary imaging. Still able to produce stunning images of the planets using track and stack software such as Registax and Photoshop for processing AVI output.

ZWO MCI120MC colour video camera. Used only for planetary and Lunar Imaging. 


· CMOS sensor ARO 130CS

· Size                         4.8*3.6 mm

· Resolution            1280*960

· ADC                        12bit

· QE                            75%

· Read noise           4.0e

· Max. frame rate   60 fps

· Full well cap.        13,000

· Pixel size               3.75um

· USB version         3.0