Arcadia Observatory is dedicated to minor planet astrometry and photometry. The available cameras and not well suited to high quality colour photography (“pretty pictures”).  The images shown here were my best attempts at planetary and deep sky photography using the cameras listed here.


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Solar eclipse, Oregon 21aug2017

DSLR, 500mm mirror lens. ¼ sec exp

Clouds, 5 min before totality, Cairns solar eclipse, 12 nov 2012.  102mm refractor

Moon, DSLR, C14 with focal reducer




Venus transit  2004, 30 sec after 2nd contact,  film SLR at C14 prime focus

Venus transit 2008, about 15 sec after 2nd contact. GSTAR EX video camera

Eclipse of moon, 28aug2007 1142 UT DSLR and 200mm lens




M42, C14, DSLR at prime focus of HyprStar, single 2 min exposure. 

Omega Cantauri, C14, SBIG ST-8300M, 4min at f7.1 focal reducer

Small galaxy NGC5786 near 3rd magnitude star.  Click on image.




Mars 22may2016 1419UT.  Eyepiece projection, Philips ToUcam webcam

Jupiter and Io shadow 16aug2009 Philips ToUcam webcam

Jupiter 0843UT July 30, 2018 with red spot and moon Io and its shadow




Saturn 6may2012 1051 UT,   Eyepiece projection, Philips ToUcam webcam

Saturn 22may2016 1334 UT, Eyepiece projection, Philips ToUcam webcam

Saturn 30Jul18 0933 UT.  ZWO ASI120MC, 1006 frames, 30ms exp.




M104 Sombrero galaxy

NGC253 Silver coin galaxy







Asteroid Duende close encounter with Earth on 15 Feb 2013 1750 UT




Comet Halley 15Mar1986, Fuji 1600 film,  SLR and 200mm lens

Comet Hyakutake 23mar1996 1414 UT

Konica G3200 film 50mm lens, 4min

Comet NcNaught 19jan2007 0942 UT

DSLR 200mm lens