Close encounter  (about 30,000km) with asteroid Duende on 16 Feb 2013 at 09:32UT




Arcadia Observatory is a private amateur astronomical research observatory dedicated to follow up observations and confirmation of newly discovered  Near Earth Objects (NEOs), mainly asteroids,  and the search for new asteroids and comets.  A list of new  NEO discoveries requiring confirmation are published by the Minor Planet Center  (MPC) on their NEOCP page.   The Minor Planet Center acts as a clearing house for all minor planet and comet observations under auspices of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).  Astrometric observations of asteroids reported to the MPC , if accepted, are published in monthly reports (MPS) and Electronic Circulars  (MPECs). 


The search for new Near Earth Objects is mainly the province of a very few large sky surveys sponsored by NASA   with the aim to eventually locate and keep track of at least 90% of dangerous asteroids in the solar system. These objects have the potential to collide with Earth and cause catastrophic damage. 


In addition to following up and confirming new NEOs  for the MPC, Arcadia Observatory has a modest semi-automated survey program to find new NEOs,  other asteroids and comets.


Arcadia Observatory has been designated as IAU Site and allocated the Site Code E23 in February 2010


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